2015 Santa Detail – Suncrest, Stonelodge, and Clayton

Santa Claus is coming to town!!!

The routes are the same, but the days are going to be combined a little bit. Please see the maps for details.


East Suncrest and West Suncrest will be done on the 18th. Suncrest Map 1aSuncrest Map 2a

The Middle part of Suncrest will be on the 19th. Suncrest Map 1Suncrest Map 2

Approximate start time will be 6pm on the 18th and 5pm on the 19th. There will be a lead vehicle out in front by a few minutes. We cannot guarantee a time frame for any part of the routes.


Stonelodge will also be on the 19th, 5pm start time. Stonelodge Santa Route - Little Sandy LoopStonelodge Santa Route - Sundown and Long Lake DrStonelodge Santa Route - Pine Hill Ct and Stonelodge


Clayton will get to see Santa on the 23rd!