Fire Danger – Very High 07/28/2017

The fire danger rating for Stevens County is very high. Effective at 12:01 a.m. July 14 2017, all burning on DNR jurisdiction is prohibited. This includes rule burning and permit burning. Campfires are allowed in approved designated campgrounds only. Individual campgrounds may prohibit campfires. Always check with the camp host before lighting a campfire. Fireworks, incendiary devices such as exploding targets, sky lanterns or tracer ammunition are illegal on all DNR Protected lands. This message will remain in effect until further notice

DNR Burn Ban Fact Sheet

VERY HIGH – Fires start very easily and spread at a very fast rate. Fires start easily from all causes, spread rapidly and intensify quickly. Spot fires are a constant danger. Fires burning in heavy fuels may quickly develop high-intensity characteristics, such as long-distance spotting and fire whirlwinds. Direct attack at the head of such fires is rarely possible after they have been burning more than a few minutes.

EXTREME – The fire situation is explosive and can result in extensive property damage. Fires under extreme conditions start quickly, spread furiously, and burn intensely. All fires are potentially serious. Development into high-intensity burning will usually be faster and occur from smaller fires than in the very high danger class. Direct attack is rarely possible, and may be dangerous, except immediately after ignition. Fires burning in heavy slash or in conifer stands may be unmanageable while the extreme burning condition lasts. Under these conditions, the only effective and safe control action is on the flanks until the weather changes or the fuel supply lessens.